Aston martin Vulcan

By:sonia | Date:2/27/15 9:43:31 PM
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Aston Martin - Vulcan is your sweetest nightmare

Get ready for the most intense Aston Martin ever

Aston Martin Vulcan

The beginning of 2015 has been dedicated heavily on the automotive industry with the Detroit Auto show, Toronto international Auto show, and the soon coming Geneva Motor show. There have been many high’s in the industry such as the introduction concepts of fully autonomous cars by Mercedes, augmented reality apps by Jaguar Land Rover, and touch screen rear view windows by Ford. Despite the talk of techs added to future cars, it’s no match for the current buzz on super high-performance cars like the Ford GT, or the Acura NSX. But these cars nothing compared to the hype built up around Aston Martin’s new weapon, the Vulcan. It got more buzz about it before anyone even knew what it looked like, much less, what the specs were. If you read my previous article you would know that I had some strong choice of words that “described” the Vulcan before the specs and pictures were publicized. At the risk of embarrassment by being totally off on the actual specs, I can take pride in knowing that I wasn’t “completely” off. In my defense, I'm an avid Aston Martin fan so when I heard through the grapevine that the Vulcan was set to have 1000 hp my heart nearly stopped with sheer and utter excitement. To my dismay after learning that it will actually have just over 800 hp I still wasn’t as disappointed as I thought.  

The British automakers weren’t kidding when they said they will be releasing the best car to-date which will be more intense than anything they have ever built in their 102-year history. The Vulcan has a 7.0 litre, V-12 engine, a six-speed sequential transmission, with race-derived pushrod suspension, rear wheel drive with front- mid-mounted engine and carbon-ceramic brakes with Brembo Calipers. But before you start imagining you tearing the streets with this bad boy, it’s vital to note that it’s most certainly not street legal. It’s made of a nearly indestructible carbon fibre monocoque chassis (survival shell) that is able to withstand a major collision which is why it makes sense that the Vulcan is a strictly on-track performance car. The carbon fibre chassis not only allows maximum safety when racing on the track but also provide ease of movement with the best power-to-weight ratio as carbon composite is twice as strong as steel and 5 times lighter. Aston is offering first-hand training opportunity to customers by Le Manse race winner Darren Turner on how to properly operate the FIA approved vehicle on the track. The ground thumping racing machine is not just accessible to anyone, its exclusivity is limited to only 24 makes and priced at a cool $2.3 million. The Vulcan is set to debut in the coming weeks at the Geneva Motor Show. Until then we will have to wait patiently before we can catch glimpses of its performance on the track.

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