Jeep Cherokee: Next Leading Crossover?

By:gena | Date:2/18/15 1:00:59 AM
Category: Car Reviews

2015 JEEP Cherokee CanadaHello, hello again readers! Today, "Your Car Girl" will be taking you on a tour of the Jeep Cherokee. This particular model Cherokee I drove had many gadgets to play with. That being said, there will be a lot of comparisons made to the Dodge Journey as they are both seen as excellent crossover vehicles. Here we go, time to go for a ride!

The Cherokee is very stylish for a crossover vehicle! I drove the Cherokee in a granite colouring. I have always found granite on vehicles gave it more flare. It is not a true black yet not too light either. The granite exterior offers some glimmer when the sun hits it, but mostly it has a sleek finish. It also looks very sporty. With its structure similar to the aggressive and very sporty Grand Cherokee, this lower model has similar elements making it the basic step before looking at a Grand Cherokee. But that review will wait for another time. When looking at crossovers, sometimes they appear sturdy and bulky as opposed to sleek and aggressive. The Cherokee has an edgy, sporty look while remaining safe and sturdy.

Unfortunately the drive of the Cherokee did not match it's exterior. It was very smooth and quiet but that left little room for speed. It does not have a quick torque and compared to other crossovers, such as the Dodge Journey, it does not have the same horsepower making it much slower. The Cherokee handled well on the turns. The wheel was sturdy but allowed for pull to either side to make the turns. I find some vehicle wheels to be either too stiff or too easy to turn; the Cherokee incorporates both making it just right.

The interior of the Cherokee is luxurious. 2015 vehicles offer many more options than they had years ago, and Jeeps are no exception. The granite Cherokee offered two major grouping packages, they are: "The Cold Weather Group" and "Comfort/Convenience Group". The vehicle's price was roughly 36,000 with all its amazing amenities. Even with the packages it also has the back up camera, which I have said before and will say again is a MUST when looking for a new vehicle. A necessity when driving to be able to see all those black spots behind your vehicle that you are just unable to see.

The Cold Weather Group is incorporated with:

  • All-season floor mats
  • Heated front seats and steering wheel
  • Power, heated exterior mirrors
  • Remote start system
  • Wind shield wiper de-icer


The Comfort/Convenience Group offers:

  • Air conditioning with automatic dual-temperature control
  • Air filtering and humidifier sensor
  • Auto-dimming rear view mirror with microphone
  • Cargo compartment cover and net
  • Keyless Enter-n'go
  • Power lift gate
  • Security alarm and universal garage door opener


The one thing that is amazing about the Cherokee is that it could be perfect for someone who is looking for a vehicle for the everyday family, or even an adult looking for more space in their vehicle while remaining stylish. I for one truly enjoyed driving the Cherokee; I found it had definitely turned heads, especially as a girl driving it.

But let's get straight to business here. Due to its much higher torque, the Dodge Journey does a better job of transmitting its engine's horsepower to its wheels than the Jeep Cherokee. Which thereby makes the Journey a much faster ride. If you are looking for more speed than the Cherokee is not the crossover you should be looking at. The Dodge Journey has a little more horsepower than the Jeep Cherokee. Overall I love the look of the Jeep Cherokee as opposed to the Dodge Journey, that being said the performance of the Journey was more preferable. I enjoy a car with horsepower. Even though the Jeep Cherokee is extremely smooth and quite I prefer the aggression in the Journey!

I give the Cherokee a 3.5/5 merely because I felt it lacked aggression. For the look of it I felt that the drive did not match it. I also found the drive of the Dodge Journey much better. Interestingly enough the Journey is also more economical in regards to filling up the vehicle with gas as compared to the Cherokee.

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