Chrysler 200C: This is what Dreams are made of…

By:gena | Date:2/17/15 5:48:30 PM
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Hello everybody, it is Gena here...yes, "Your Car Girl" here to take you all on a tour of a new vehicle, and today I am exponentially ecstatic! I will be reviewing the Chrysler 200. I will never forget when Chrysler announced the new 2015 200. I remember sitting at my office searching up videos, just to get a glimpse at its innovative features. I just adored this car from the get go. But as per usual, I will try and refrain my personal bias to this car and look at it from a logical standpoint. Let's drive!
New 2015 Chrysler 200 Sedan
The Chrysler 200 has dramatically changed in the past year. The stature, technology and built is different now. Originally the 200 was more bulky but with the ideal of the compact car, the 200 now utilizes space. It is now cut similarly to the Dodge Dart. There are four different models to the 200, ranging in specification, pricing and additional perks. The four types are:

  1. Chrysler 200 LX
  2. Chrysler 200 Limited
  3. Chrysler 200S
  4. Chrysler 200C

With each style moving down the list (read top to bottom) more advancements and features are added to the vehicle. As the additional perks are added, the price also creeps up.

The 200 I was able to review was the 200C, the highest model and fully loaded. This model consisted of a magnificent sound system, heated seats, heated steering wheel, rear view-camera assist; you name it, this specific 200C had it. I could write pages upon pages on the immaculate exterior and interior of the 200. It is just beautiful! With blue lighting and a sleek finish, a large LCD screen to control the radio, navigation, phone, heating it is a dream come true. One major feature that was the determinant to making me LOVE this car was the new gear leaver...or should I say LACK THEREOF! But don't be alarmed. The new way to change gears is done by a knob that you rotate from drive to reverse. It is absolutely astonishing. With that knob there is so much space made to carry along with you, really, anything. For me specifically, I tend to throw around miscellaneous "girl" products everywhere. My car is my second closet/beauty parlor. I am always on the go, going to school and work; I spend roughly 3-4 hours on the road daily. Thus, space to store all my necessities is a crucial feature I now look for when shopping around for a vehicle. This specific 200C has a glossy black paint finish with gunmetal chrome wheels. Wow, what an allure the 200 has. The exterior is similar to the Dodge dart. Therefore, the 200 looks sporty and compact on the outside but much more room as opposed to the dart. Driving the 200C, you noticeably turn heads.

Something absolutely amazing about the 200 is that they all have the option of All-Wheel drive. That is when each wheel receives torque from the engine as opposed to only the front or back wheels. All wheel drive showcases 200's innovative adaptation with technology and giving the every day consumer this special feature while encompassing a reasonable price. I have spoken about this before, but Dodge; Chrysler and many Jeeps have switched their engines to the Pentastar V6 engine. For those non-savvy car individuals out there, this engine is regarded as one top 10 best engines in the world. Your engine will convert the fuel into energy to get your vehicle moving. When looking for a vehicle a great engine (more specifically regarded as top 10) is a perfect place to start. The acceleration, my, oh my. What wonderful aggression and speed it has. The torque (the pull you feel when your foot hits the acceleration) is quite powerful! What a beautiful, dominant, yet still smooth drive!

I give this vehicle a 5/5 but with some stipulation. If you are looking for a family car I urge you to scroll up and look at the review of the Journey, this vehicle is not for you. This is a car tailored to those who thrive on aggression and high tech features. This vehicle is made in convenience for those seek the need for front seat space. The 200C has nooks and crannies all over the place. The convenient yet sporty vehicle may just convince me to trade in my vehicle. I think its time to get myself the Chrysler 200C! Like I said, this car has me completely and utterly hooked.


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