Why buy the all new 2015 Jeep Renegade?

By:sonia | Date:1/26/15 5:33:20 PM
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New JEEP Renegade Concept

Move over Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler, because it seems like the little brother is stealing the spotlight. Little brother is most certainly an understatement considering the new Jeep Renegade; it truly is the smallest subcompact SUV set to hit showrooms by February 2015. Just why is everyone going crazy over the new Jeep Renegade? Well, for starters it’s described in an unconventional way for a traditional Jeep, “cute”, “cartoonish”, “adorable”, and even “Funky” to name a few. But don’t be fooled by its unconventional exterior and size, the  Renegade is a near embodiment of the Willy MB which was used in WW2. And though the Willy MB was much smaller in size compared to the Jeep Renegade, and not to mention weaker, it was still able to maneuver through tough external conditions. With that, we move on to the Jeep Renegade which may be small but packed with a lot of punch. With its 66.5” height, and 166.6”x 71.0” in length and width with the smaller version carrying a turbocharged 1.4 turbo engine hooked up to a six-speed manual transmission or the slightly bigger version, a 2.4 liter four-cylinder nine-speed automatic. With your choice, you can get either a diesel or gasoline engine with a city 22-25MPG and highway 31-35 mpg.


Speaking of variety, the Jeep Renegade will have 4 versions including Sport, Latitude, Limited, and the slightly bigger Trailhawk with 184 hp at 6,400 lb. It’s easy to choose the one that best suits your everyday use, and budget, the Sport front wheel drive is priced to start at $19,995. Jeep’s goal is to move these cars and fast, we say it’s easy to do so when the prices are basically slashing the competitors without cutting any corners. Compared to the Buick Encore costing at $27,895 , Nissan Juke at $20,250, it’s clear to say that without “settling” you can have your cake and eat it too!

New JEEP Renegade Concept

It’s not only talked about for its looks but also for its capabilities, performance, and durability. It most certainly is designed to go anywhere with its all-wheel drive systems, driver-selectable, selec-Terrain Ttaction control system directing the powertrain, drivetrain, brake computers, and stability control. You can maneuver easily through mud, sand snow, rocks, uphill, and not to mention 19’ deep water. As for weight and strength, the Renegade is the first Jeep SUV to use high strength steel for improved optimization and for better aerodynamic performance.


These facts may get any avid adventurer and adrenaline junkie tingling with excitement; personally speaking I am much more excited by about all the awesome safety features. Every time we’re in a car we’re taking a chance with our life, that’s why it is always vital to drive a car or be in one that you can rely on for keeping you safe while you reach your destination. I’m sure you can agree with me when I say that lane changing can be a tricky task due to blind spots and cars approaching faster than you anticipate. That’s why the Renegade has a forward collision warning-plus that utilizes video sensor to tell you if you’re approaching other cars and object too rapidly, it also has blind spot monitoring by using a dual ultra-wideband radar sensor helps change lanes, driver selected chime and lit up icon indicate if being passed by or passing unseen vehicles. It also includes driver’s side knee airbag, enhanced accident response system to make it easier for emergency personnel to reach your vehicle in case of an accident and simultaneously unlocking the doors and shutting off flow of fuel to engine. These safety features are just to name a few, and are worth the mention.

New JEEP Renegade Concept

As if the safety features, efficiency, and performance are not enough to get you hyped about the new Jeep Renegade. It’s imperative to note that the Renegade is not only cool with performance but also with its stylish exterior and interior. Modeled after the Jerry Cans used to carry gasoline in WW2, the iconic 7-slot grille, and circular headlamps under the edge of the hood give it a rugged poised appearance. It’s also available with a two “My SkyTM” open roof system for a breath of fresh air and to let your hands up to feel the passing breeze between your fingertips. The interior themes are described as “Tek-Tonic” for its style and functionality. The steering wheel has a dense rim piece with incorporated audio, voice, and vehicle controls. If you're looking to escape with your friends on a weekend getaway, the Renegade is perfect for a group road trip with it's 5 seater. The Jeep Renegade’s adjustable center console armrest is wrapped, providing a softer feel. If you really feel like going on an adventure without a specific return date just know there is an abundant amount of space for all your camping, rock climbing, or sports gear with its available 12.4 cubic feet which can be expanded to 30.7 cubic feet when rear seats are flattened. The Renegade comes in various innovative names like; Colorado Red, Commando Green, Omaha Orange, Sierra Blue, Solar Yellow and with more options for customization.

Whether it’s urban driving or the terrains the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade is perfect for anyone looking for a feel for adventure.

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