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By:gena | Date:1/22/15 6:09:35 PM
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About the Author: My name is Gena Economou, I am currently a University student, freelance writer and car enthusiast. Being a car enthusiast I have developed some insight into vehicles, more specifically, knowing which I like versus the ones I do not. I have started to write reviews on the many vehicles out there because from one person to another, being able to get an idea of the vehicle you are interested in without actually driving it first hand is an effective way to get an unbiased opinion. In doing that, maybe helping you decide whether those key features are deal breakers and perhaps helping you ease into the transition from your previous vehicle into a new one. That being said, through out these reviews, I will be taking YOU on an impartial test drive of each vehicle. I will tell you my likes, my dislikes, and my experience personally test-driving these vehicles. Ultimately, hopefully making it easier for the non-savvy car buyers out there…not too long ago I was in your shoes. All right, let’s go for a ride!

2015 DODGE Journey CVP Review

Journey’s…oh Journey’s, this is a vehicle, which Dodge has now dramatically changed over the years. It is essential to understand which vehicle I am test-driving. It is a sleek black Journey 2015 CVP model (Canadian Value Pack). Before going over the exterior I would like to comment on the interior. I for one am thoroughly enjoying the technological advancements, which have progressed in just the past few years. I like being able to have instant access to heat or volume with a push of a fingertip. If that is something you are interested in, than you should be pleased to know that the Journey has adapted to these advancements. Behind its steering wheel you have access to change the radio station (on your left) and volume (on your right). Being a short girl…5’1…and ¾, let’s just say I’m 5’2, I have only ever driven cars before this test drive. I don’t know why, I was just always comfortable in a car setting. Can I just say how different the world looks in an SUV; you are so high off the ground. To be honest, it was a little nerve-wracking. But before settling into the vehicle I was able to access the car with the relatively new keyless car access. It is definitely a benefit feature, especially for all of us purse wearers out there. My purse is traitorous territory; it is difficult to find my wallet on a good day let alone my keys.


2015 Dodge Journey CVP


The Journey and many other Dodge 2015 vehicles allow the luxury to have your keys thrown in your purse, wallet or pocket and off you go. It is definitely more convenient. After settling into my first ever drive in a crossover, I must say the drive was a pleasant one. SUVs are without a doubt a much smoother drive than cars. However, if speed and acceleration are features that pull you towards a vehicle than I have to say the Journey lacks aggression. It is more a family base car. The Journey has the many components of a family vehicle, the two most selling vehicles for families are first and foremost, the Grand Caravan and second, the Journey. I completely understand why, it is an extremely smooth drive with seating up to 7. After finishing the test drive, which went well, I was able to examine the exterior. The Journey is considered a midsize crossover SUV (meaning that the architecture is built similarly to a car rather than a truck). I am partial to a black vehicle; the Journey I drove was black with a sleek glossy finish. It has a very nice exterior. It is simplistic, and less truly is more. When it comes to fuel efficiency, I would just like a car to avoid eating up my paycheck. The Journey definitely avoids that. It is about a 76L engine and with 9L/100K one would be looking at paying (with gas prices fluctuating) anywhere from 65-75$ to fill up the Journey. 2015 vehicles especially with Dodge, Jeeps & RAMS have vastly advanced their engines to allow the every day driver to enjoy driving a vehicle rather than stressing about gas consumption. That being said, SRT models of vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee would be more costly on fuel. However, those who thrive on the exciting aggression and tremendous power would gravitate to that vehicle without hesitation. Therefore if those were deal breakers, which I listed above, do lack within the Journey, I would recommend looking into those vehicles. But, that is another review for another time.


I would rate the Journey a 4/5. I personally do not have a family thus it would not be a car for me, but I would most definitely recommend this vehicle for those with family members who like the more compact and stylish version of a Grand Caravan. The Journey can come up to seats for 7 passengers. Based on its fuel efficiency, smoothness of drive and pleasant interior, the crossover is more than your average SUV. It stands out for being both cost efficient and stylish.


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