6 Passenger SUV vs Minivan. What is Better?

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Big family, big car is the only option. People look out for comfort, security and space. Sometimes they are more of a necessity rather than an option. Today when there are multiple options available in the market, people get confused in choosing the best possible alternative. Now days the modern vehicles include 6 or & passenger SUV s, a minivan, crossovers etc.
SUV pros and cons

The SUV Advantages

The Towing capacity of SUVs generally offers decent amount capacity because of their influential engine. If you intend to use your vehicle to carry out heavy stuff as well, then a SUV would be of great help.
Off-Road Driving capacity, this is undoubtedly their forte. Although you must have seen city roads filled with SUVs, but they actually shine when it comes to off-road driving. Most of the models offer AWD (All Wheel Drive) Spacious, although they are not as spacious as Minivans but SUVs offer plenty of space for the passengers and cargo as well. Height: This act as both an advantage and a disadvantage. Usually people like it because it gives them an elevated view of the road and a better sense of driving. But they might also increase the risk of rollover accidents. The X-Factor: This is usually a subjective matter of choice but SUVs look cooler, and this is an important factor for a lot of people.

The SUV Disadvantages

The SUVs are not very fuel efficient because of their not so aerodynamic shape, and the increased weight and the powerful engines SUV are gas devourers. The Parking Issue, especially for some of the gigantic SUVs in the market today. Even if people might have big garage at home it can cause a problem if the parking space at work is limited or even at crowded parking of malls or shopping centres etc. Price to own and maintain a SUV is more expensive when compared with Minivans and Crossovers, and they have higher maintenance costs.
Minivan pros and cons

The Minivan Advantages

Less Price to own and maintain: Minivans are comparatively cheaper compared to SUVs and Crossovers. Huge Space: This is the main add on of the Minivan. The design of the Minivan is mainly focused around space. They provide roomy and comfortable interiors with plenty of cargo space. City Driving/Handling: They are basically meant for the city driving as they are lower weight. Fuel Efficiency: They comparatively more fuel efficient when compared with all other family carriers.

The Minivan’s Disadvantages

Design: Their design is the major setback that they have. They are not as good looking as a SUV. Off-Road Driving: It is Not exactly a Minivan's forte. Well basically the decision lies with you and what you think is the best for you. Have a look at www.wheelslot.com for more information regarding the cars and to get the best deals.


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