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By:jagsingh | Date:2/29/12 9:10:26 AM
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A great deal is not always a great buy, especially when it comes to buying used cars. Since there is never a guarantee that you will actually get what is offered when it comes to used car deals, here are some signs that you can look for to ensure that your deal does not turn out to be a dud.

Signs that your used car deal may turn out to be a dud include:

Unlicensed Dealership

By law, all Ontario car dealers must be registered with OMVIC – the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. It is completely within your right to ask the dealership to show you their proof of registration, and with a too good to be true used car deal, it is highly recommended that you do just that. If the dealership refuses to show you their proof of registration it is advised to look elsewhere. You can also log on to, or call 1-800-943-6002 to find out for yourself if the dealer is registered.

Curb Side Sale

When it comes to curb side sales, or 'curbsiders', the majority of the time the seller is an unregistered car dealer that poses as a private seller. They will post their vehicles in classifieds, online and in the newspaper, and will arrange a place to meet for you to view the car. The majority of the used cars they are selling have been salvage or rebuilt from insurance write-offs. These deals are almost always duds, and as a private sale, there is almost no recourse if you end up being taken advantage of.

Fresh Undercoating

Although a fresh undercoating can be a good sign, it may mean the owner really does take care of their vehicle, it can also be bad sign as well, that the owner is trying to hide something. Without the ability for a mechanic to check the undercarriage for signs of rust or other problems, this deal is most likely a dud.

Signs Of Major Repair

The easiest way to tell if the car has had any major repair is to look at the bumper and side panels, if they don’t line up this can indicate the car has been in a collision. If you are dealing with a curbsider you can bet that the car was actually a write-off. Other signs of major repair include, paint overspray, newer pieces of trim and areas where the colour does not match. If you find any of these signs, this deal is probably a dud.

Puddles In The Driveway

Once of the best ways to differentiate between used car deals and used car duds is to look at the seller's driveway. If there are obvious puddles under the car, from oil, antifreeze or fuel leaks, you now know why the asking price is so low. It is likely a dud.

Lost, Missing, Or Incomplete Paperwork

By law, a private seller in Ontario must provide the buyer with a UVIP - Used Vehicle Information Package – that can only be obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. If they do not have the UVIP, or if there is any missing or incorrect information on the UVIP, such as the seller's name does not match the one listed on the on UVIP, then you may be dealing with a dud.

No matter how good the used car deal is, to make sure the deal really is not a dud, it is always advised to have a trusted mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection first. Not only with it give you a bit of leverage when it comes time to negotiate the price, but it will also provide you with the piece of mind that any flaws that are present can be taken care of before it becomes too late.  

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