How To Buy A Used Mercedes

By:jagsingh | Date:2/28/12 12:08:23 PM
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One of the most recognized luxury cars in the world, without a doubt, is the Mercedes Benz, and because of this, it should be of no surprise to you that even a slightly used Mercedes will not come cheap. 
This is why it is so crucial that you know what you are looking for, and what to look for, before you make the final decision to buy a used Mercedes, whether it is from a dealer or a private seller. 
In my time I have privately purchased my fair share of used luxury cars, so I thought I would share some tips that may help you when buying a used Mercedes from a private seller:

Don't Believe The Hype

Not to completely discredit private sellers, I have been one myself many times, but when it comes to private sales, never believe what the seller tells you. The majority of private sellers are either going to downplay the known issues with their vehicle, or flat-out lie about them altogether. Granted there are also a small minority of sellers that are not aware of the problems that are present at the time, but when it comes to buying a used car, ignorance is not always bliss. On the upside, there are also few private sellers that will actually disclose any of the flaws with their vehicle, and they may even get an inspection done before they sell, but these sellers are few are far between.

Always Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection 

It does not matter if you are going for an expensive luxury car, like a used Mercedes, or something more economical, you should always get a pre-purchase inspection completed before you make any kind of decision. If the seller is not willing to pay the inspection fee for their vehicle there may be more wrong with it than they are letting on. If the used car really is a must have, for your own piece of mind, pay for the inspection fee yourself. Whether you pay the fee or the seller does, always have the car inspected by your own mechanic. In the case of a used Mercedes, the safest thing to do is to bring it to the dealership. If the seller refuses to have the inspection completed, or will only have it completed by a mechanic of their own choosing, you may want to look elsewhere. 

Do A Background Check

Once you have had the car in for an inspection, and have had the ability to see the report, use the VIN# to do a background check on the car. There are many services available, such as CARFAX and CarProof that will provide with a host of information about the vehicle's history. If anything looks suspicious, such as the vehicle changing numerous titles or being reported as a write-off, you will know that it is time to move on. Most extended warranties become void on vehicles that have been salvaged or rebuilt. 

Check The Warranty

Take a careful look at any extended or warranty options that are still available on the vehicle, and although this may ad to the asking price, it also ads a considerable amount of value and piece of mind knowing that the used Mercedes still has some coverage. 
Some other considerations to take into account before buying a used Mercedes include, your driving environment and your proximately to specialized mechanics or dealerships. As a luxury car, a Mercedes Benz is not only expensive to maintain, but also to repair. If the area where you will be doing most of your driving is prone to aggressive drivers and other factors that can cause damage to your vehicle, then you may want to limit your search to the everyday models of Mercedes, such as the E-class.

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