2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Fully Loaded

By:schopra | Date:2/22/12 11:30:02 AM
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Years ago on one of our road trip my wife was driving and it was late into the night, we were driving thru the country side road. She had the cars high beam on and was getting flashed every time car would approach us from the other side she would dimmer down and then put it back to high beam and again forget about it till she got flashed again. WHY CAN SOMEBODY NOT INVENT AN AUTOMATIC HIGH BEAM was what she said out of shear frustration to which I laughed thinking how is it possible. 10 years later here we are driving this amazing Jeep and guess what it has AUTOMATIC HIGH BEAM. Yes it senses the oncoming light or any bright light and automatically goes down to low beam and vice versa. Back-up camera is another such feature which simplifies the life and provide security while reversing the vehicle. I personally think it should be a standard feature on all vehicles considering the safety of the young children.

JEEP Grand Cherokee
Adaptive cruise control one of the wow feature in Jeep Grand Cherokee What a wonderful and a smart feature kudos to the Jeep engineering department I was quite sceptical of this feature initially but over a period I am now very comfortable and I am quite enjoying it Adaptive cruise control senses the speed of the traffic ahead of you and adjusts your vehicle speed accordingly. Let’s say you fixed your speed at 100 km per hr. and the traffic up front is slowing down to 80 km then the adaptive cruise will slow your vehicle down to 80 km also and once the traffic starts to move it will automatically increase the speed to 100 km per hr. isn’t that amazing.
Another feature comes to mind is the Quadra-lift system which gives you the ultimate control of your suspension plus it has a select terrain 4x4 system with five selections SPORT SNOW AUTO SAND/MUD ROCK and can be shifted to any of the above as per the requirement I cannot proceed without mentioning the blind spot monitoring/rear cross path detection
Let me give you the low down on this Jeep Grand Cherokee
  1. 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee overland package.
  2. 3.6 V6 poetaster engine with 5 speed automatic transmission.
  3. Advanced warning /Adaptive cruise control
  4. Navigation system with electronic information centre.
  5. Leather seating with soft touch material on the dash board.
  6. Panoramic dual moon roof.
  7. 20 inch aluminum polished wheels
  8. Media centre.
And many more features Do me favour and drive BMW x5 3 liter engine and compare with the JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE you will be pleasantly surprised that the Jeep stands out and when you compare the price of BMW at $85000+hst it leaves no doubt regarding the Jeeps value and feature story
This particular JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE comes with all the above features some are optional but included in the price You can find this incredible 4x4 wonder called JEEP at SCARSVIEW JEEP CHRYSLER for a low low discounted price of $ 49888+hst you can finance it for 96 mo. @4.99%fin rate for weekly payment of $147+hst bi-weekly payment of $293+hst or pay monthly $634+hst (LIMITED TIME OFFER PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE PLEASE CALL TO GET THE CURRENT PRICING INFORMATION) The borrowing cost of $12042 total cost including the borrowing cost 68800 approx. all the calculations are based on 4.99 fin rate.

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