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Minivan owns the automotive landscape of Canada  and Chrysler owns over 50% of that segment whenever you think of minivan Dodge Caravan comes to one’s mind .Chrysler invented this segment approximately 30 years ago and still dominates the segment with its invention in driver, passenger and cargo moving versatility. Since its early days of ground breaking introduction Dodge Grand Caravan minivan has come a long way in enhancing its safety and standard features. It is most award winning vehicle in history of automotive industry. Today Chrysler minivan stands tall in the crowded copycat market of the segment.

Dodge Grand Caravan
Now let’s have look at the price story may be most of the customers do not know that in 1994 a base model strip down version was selling for $17999+taxes keep in mind that this was the shorter version and step down to bare basic options. Today 17 years latter a longer wheel base and equipped with thousands of dollars’ worth of more equipment and standard features is selling for merely $500 more YES for only $ 18499+ taxes

Once you factor in today's low finance rates as compared to 17 years ago and the enhanced fuel economy the current Dodge Caravan works out cheaper. Find me another product which can claim such an incredible story. Ladies and gentleman you don’t have to believe me research the facts on your own and you will come to similar conclusion.

At Scarsview Chrysler Dodge we hire a professional agency to shop around in GTA and then we come to our best price and then only we post it as our advertised price. I will like to call it a pre negotiated pricing. Yes sometimes we might advertise a higher price than our competition that’s only when our research shows that our competition posting a price which they don’t intend to honour [They will use old dirty tactics of bate n switch]

Let’s talk about this particular vehicle in question 2012 Dodge Caravan fully equipped with 3.6 liter V6 engine automatic, air condition, power windows and locks keyless entry, CD player with Canadian value package and much more at a low price of &18499+hst THIS A LIMITED TIME OFFER AND IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITOUNT NOTICE

Do give us an opportunity to earn your business. Thanks from Scarsview Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM  - Located at 951 Milner Ave. in Toronto / Scarborough

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